Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit


Spring is finally here! You've heard of Spring cleaning your home, but have you heard of Spring cleaning yourself? Just like all of our home belongings that gather extra dust over the winter, we too gather extra dust- mentally, physically and spiritually. With all of the extra layers we wrap our bodies in, to the longer nights cooped up indoors, the winter makes us heavier in our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Like an old seed of a great redwood tree, you've been underground, and now it's time to sprout! Here are a few suggestions you can easily start to incorporate into your daily life to ensure a lighter and brighter you as you grow into Spring:


Mind Cleansing

1. Sit in silence: If you're new at sitting in silence (or meditating) start with 1-minute a day and add a minute as desired. Decide if morning, afternoon, or evening is best for you and try to stick to the same space and time everyday.  It can be a corner of your bedroom or another quiet space with few distractions. Set a timer and just focus on balancing out your inhales and exhales. Notice your mind instantly slow down...

2. Think positively: It is easy to get caught in the rut of being negative. Just like anything, if you do it long enough you will create a habit. Thinking negatively is an actua habit that can be easily corrected. Every time a negative thought comes into your mind take a deep breath and think of 2 things that you are grateful for.

3. Create a mantra for yourself: Come up with a word or phrase that you can repeat to yourself in times your mind feels out of control. Your mantra will help quite your mind which in turn will make you feel more happy and calm. Some manta examples are- Let Go, Stay Calm, Life is Good...


Body Cleansing 

1. Eat healthy: Eating your food is one of the most spiritual exchanges you can have. Make sure you are eating with the seasons. The harvests offered at your local farmers markets is a good eye into what's in season. Fill up mainly on foods grown from the earth. Avoid processed foods, fast foods, or meat. Remember to hydrate with plenty of purified water. And don't forget to splurge once in a while… After all, balance is key. 

2. Yoga: Yoga is the full package that cleanses the body, mind, and spirit all in one. Keeping the body and spine flexible is directly proportional to how old you feel. Keeping the body strong, oiled, fueled, and healthy is like fine-tuning your car or musical instrument. It is a must. Tune your body daily with yoga poses. 

3. Get outdoors: Even in the cold, midwestern, snowy, wintery days, it is important to get out in the sun. Even if it is cloudy the sun is still there… Lack of Vitamin D can leave you with low energy and a feeling of depression. In the spring, summer, and fall make sure you connect your bare feet to the earth as much as possible. Breathe in the fresh air from the great outdoors. It's natural healing medicine is all around you!


Spiritual Cleansing

1. Keep a journal: Keeping a daily journal is a good practice to help focus your mind. Journaling also helps you discover your true dreams and desires. If you ever feeling "writers block" google journal entry ideas. If you can just keep the pen rolling you may be surprised what may be hidden away inside of you… Documenting your dreams is also a good way to unlock doors within you. Google more on keeping a dream journal.

2 . Self Care: Hippocrates said it best, "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day." Take a little time to tend to yourself each day. Whether it's soaking in the tub, giving yourself a mini facial, painting your nails, rubbing your own feet; there are so many ways. Essential oils are great to have on hand for instant calming effects or mood enhancers. Use a mister or just open the lid to your favorite essential oil and inhale. Feel the bliss!

3. Keep your surroundings clean and to a minimal:  When you try to find something in a cluttered room it can be stressful. The same feeling is triggered in a cluttered mind. Keeping clean and tidy surroundings can help your mind feel the same. Get rid of clothing or items you no longer use. Notice how this in turn create more space in your body and mind. There's a reason we spring clean our homes every year… Let new energy in!


Try to practice all or most of these tips daily and watch your life and spirit begin to bloom! Leave a comment about any self-care practices you enjoy, what your favorite essential oils are, or if you practice any of these rituals already and what you love about them. 


Happy Flipping, Soul Sisters. Rock on!!



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