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NAIGC Nationals 2024 in Alburque New Mexico

It is our first time to New Mexico, and it is our first time to a NAIGC gymnastics competition. I've been in gymnastics since the 1980s and have never heard of NAIGC. It is an adult division of gymnastics, and by adult it means anyone can compete from out of high school to well into your 60s! NAIGC really is the true essence of for the love of the sport of gymnastics. We were thrilled and honored to be invited to such a cool event, which was the NAIGC Nationals held in Albuqurque this year, and we learned a lot about it, which I will share with you here. I grew up a gymnast in the 80s and 90s when...

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No Mud, No Lotus -Thich Nhat Hanh

Foxy's has added a lotus flower to our logo this year. What does a lotus flower  stand for? The lotus flower blooms best in the murkiest of waters.... What does that mean?  We all feel the pressures of life, especially over the past few years. There has been some significant sort of collective struggles that we have all been a part of or felt in a certain way. If you have not felt it personally, odds are you know someone close to you that has.  In these hard times it is hard but vital to remember that just like the rainbow comes after the storm, the bloom comes from the dirt. May you walk through the world with some sort...

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Foxy's Takes On NYFW 2024

Foxy's had our 1st ever fashion show in 2020 in New York City for New York Fashion Week. We rented a beautiful venue and took a shot in the dark since we did not know much, or really anything, about throwing a fashion show. We learned a lot what to do and what not to do.        Our 2nd fashion show was held 4 years later on February 7th, 2024, at Chez Josephine near Time Square. We found this cute French restaurant from our first NYFW visit and fell in love with it. This is where I envisioned for our next show. I had planned the show to be just the following year but with the pandemic hitting I...

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