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What is Yoga?

Pause. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out, and focus only on that one big breath and nothing else. Feel it move in and out of your lungs. Now repeat that a few times. Pause. This simple act has the power to shift your mood in a matter of seconds. Notice how your mind slowed down… notice how your heart beat slowed down… notice the different in how you feel. How you feel affects everything you do, and you have more control of how you feel than you ever thought.  Trying to explain to someone what yoga is is like trying to explain to someone what a strawberry tastes like or what it feels like to fall in love. You must experience them for yourself to truly...

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Fashion Show Evolution || Foxy's Leotards Becomes First Gymnastics Leotard Company to Walk the Runway!

In 2020, Foxy's Leotards becomes the first leotard company to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW)! In just a few weeks, 25 of our ambassadors will be flying into New York City to attend this exciting event, plus 30 of our local New York models will also come to take part. Come watch our fashion show, and then stay for the after party and celebrate gymnastics, dance, empowerment, community, fashion, leotards, and more! Space is limited so buy your tickets today! Planning this NYFW event with Natasha Tysick has been one of the funnest things I've ever done. We've been working extensively to make this the best first fashion show we've ever thrown. We can not wait to meet you all there. Stay tuned...

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Sing Christmas Cheer for All to Hear

🤶🤶🤶 With Christmas around the corner... remember the reason for the season.... lots of cookies, parties, and fun!! Lol, just kidding... This is the time of year to forgive and to be thankful for the people near and dear to you. This is the time to reflect on the year before you and set intentions for the year ahead.  The hustle and bustle of the season can be real though, and leave you feeling exhausted and defeated…with no time to be present in the moment for yourself, for your family, or for friends. And leaving little time to really reflect on the quickly approaching end of year, or to set goals for the year ahead. It is so important to remember...

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