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The Aurora Collection is here and it's out of this world!!

Meet Rory van Ulft, who Foxy's has teamed up with to create this star-dazzling line, The Aurora Collection. It is no surprise that Rory's real name is Aurora, just like the majestic Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, the phenomenon that few have been lucky to witness its' dance in the sky. Rory holds that special kind of sky power that illuminates and inspires all over the world.  We've worked closely along Rory to come up with this perfect performance collection, The Aurora Collection. Each piece was well thought out, Rory wears and loves herself, and there's a personalized message from Rory sewn inside each piece, hoping to inspire you even more!    Read more below to learn more about Rory,...

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All Love Wins Especially Self-Love

It's the day of love!! We are taught to love our neighbors, but how often did we hear the importance of self-love growing up? It is a true privilege to know thyself. As we all know now, even hugs and kisses can be taken away, but something that can't be taken away from us is true love and gratitude for our Selfs! Show yourself some much appreciation today, and everyday. Celebrate the simple fact that you are given a heart and breath, the gift of life! Happy Love to ALL!!!! YOU mostly!! Yes, YOU!!

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Shining Your Light in 2021

An athlete performs the same drills, skills, and routines everyday for hours a day, and this implants a memory into their muscles and memory that becomes part of their very strong subconscious mind. That is why Simone Biles can perform a routine so perfectly over and over again. The way an athlete evolves and learns new skill and routines is to tap into their conscious mind...

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