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How Foxy's Online Auctions Work!!!

Live Foxy's Instagram and Facebook Auctions!!! Foxy's auctions have been inspired by the abundance of inventory we had with all of the gyms and pro-shops being closed, and all of the competitions being cancelled due to the wild Covid-19. Auctions are such a fun way to connect during these crazy times of quarantine. If you have not been to one yet you must see for yourself what all the buzz is about! Sooo many great deals on leotards and more. Most auctions have some sort of theme, special guests, and new arrivals are revealed first on our auctions. Be the first to be up-to-date on all things Foxy's! You can find us on Instagram Live or Facebook Live most Fridays, at 6pm...

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The Many Styles of Gymnastics Leotards from Foxy's Leotards

Foxy's Leotards offers a leotard for every personality! Every athlete needs to be able to express them selves a little differently…whether it be through subtle or loud expression. Foxy's understands that no gymnast or dancer is alike, and that is what makes the sports so beautiful. Like a snowflake, we are all wonderfully and uniquely different. Foxy's Leotards help to suit gymnasts and dancers perfectly to help you express your own unique self! Not only do our leotards have the coolest prints, from narwhals to donuts, but our gymnastics leotards and dance leotards fit like a glove. You will feel  comfortable, and empowered as you take on the gym or studio. You will move in groove confidently as you embody and express your true authentic...

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Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor in a Nutshell

There are 4 events in girls competitive gymnastics. In the Olympic order they go: vault, bars, beam, and floor. Each event is equally important to an all-around competitive gymnast. It is rare that a gymnast is equally as strong on each event. For instance, a more powerful gymnast will more than likely excel on vault and floor since they involved more endurance, speed, and power. A more graceful gymnast will usually excel more in bars and beam. These events take more skill and focus.  Here is a brief examination on each gymnastics event…. VAULT: Vault consist of a running strip usually 243 yards or so. The running strip is a foam underlay with a carpet overtop. The gymnast starts at...

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