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Rosie's Legend Lives On

Today it really hit me that we really are living in quite similar times to the 1940s, when Rosie the Riveter took action in times of need. These times are interesting- to say the least. With no warning, no understanding, and no control, we were all forced into our homes to stop a fatal virus from spreading. Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus, and everything has changed and will be changed forever changed from here on, even if only our perceptions. The new "normal" will never be the same again. In some was this may be a good thing. In this "down" time people have had a chance to slow down and realize what is really important to them. Although...

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Modern Day Rosie

"Being a modern day Rosie isn't just about showing people we can do the same stuff as boys. It's about girls doing amazing things. Rosie's make a path so that it's easier for others to do the same. Like at school, if one girl stands up to a bully it makes it easier for another girl to think- I want to do that too! I don't just want to do this, I want to show other girls they we can all do it, together!" -Addison Probst Our future looks very bright with all of you modern day Rosie the Riveter's out there in the world today! Keep rocking it, girls. Remember, your greatest talents and gifts lie in truly being...

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