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Rosie's Legend Lives On

Today it really hit me that we really are living in quite similar times to the 1940s, when Rosie the Riveter took action in times of need. These times are interesting- to say the least. With no warning, no understanding, and no control, we were all forced into our homes to stop a fatal virus from spreading. Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus, and everything has changed and will be changed forever changed from here on, even if only our perceptions. The new "normal" will never be the same again. In some was this may be a good thing. In this "down" time people have had a chance to slow down and realize what is really important to them. Although...

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Foxy's Rock Squad || Become Your Own Boss!!!

Join our squad! Learn entrepreneur skills, meet new friends, start your own business, and be part of the best team ever!!! Foxy’s has teamed up with Rock Your Hair to form Foxy’s Rock Squad. We connect on a weekly/monthly basis on zoom calls to keep you up to par on becoming your own girl boss. You will learn so much and have so much fun doing so! What gymnast, dancer, and cheerleader doesn’t love leos and hair products?! They go hand in hand. Represent 2 very cool businesses and be supported through your journey. WE WANT YOU! Reach out to us today on Instagram DM (@foxysrocksquad) and become your own BOSS!!

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4 Daily Practices to Help You BEE-come Your Most Authentic Self

O K ya'll little bees out there, so we've all heard it time and time again.. bee yourself, everyone else is already taken. Sure, it's easy to say and understand when someone says to bee yourself, but are you ever really 100% in-tune with who you really are? Do you know the true, authentic you, down to your very core you? I ask you this because most of us don't take the time to actually maybe ever really get to know so... Without knowing so, you and the rest of the world really miss out on the unique gifts that you have to offer the world. It is so easy to get swept away into the "busy bee" way of...

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