Foxy's Takes On NYFW 2024

Foxy's had our 1st ever fashion show in 2020 in New York City for New York Fashion Week. We rented a beautiful venue and took a shot in the dark since we did not know much, or really anything, about throwing a fashion show. We learned a lot what to do and what not to do.


Our 2nd fashion show was held 4 years later on February 7th, 2024, at Chez Josephine near Time Square. We found this cute French restaurant from our first NYFW visit and fell in love with it. This is where I envisioned for our next show. I had planned the show to be just the following year but with the pandemic hitting I was not able to.

I had drawn up a vision board of a cut-out that I made from a photo of one of our dancers, and a picture I had taken while having dinner one night at Chez Josephine. When the time for fashion show #2 came around, which was this year, timing couldn't have been more perfect since the Olympics are being held in Paris this year and this is a French restaurant. I still can hardly believe that when I lay my vision board next to the actual fashion show how alike they truly are. Vision board to the left and dream come to fruition on the right!


This year for our American in Paris fashion show we featured 5 Collections/Walks, each inspired by the Olympics in Paris. We had our Opening Walk Collection which featured a mixture of USA and French themes, our USA and Mary Lou Retton Collection, our Paris Collection, our Frenchie Collection, and our Event Leotard Collection. We had girls from ages 8-21 walking in our show. The collaboration turned out beautifully.


All of the leotards from these five collections can be found on our website at, at least until they run out. We are in the works of our next fashion show, which we are hoping will be held in 2025. 

Foxy's leotards have always been super fashionable, since the 80s, so what better way to showcase them now in these fun and exciting events. We invite girls from around the world to be part of our unique shows. Fashion shows are a great way to network with the community and our customers, the content is so much fun, and the girls truly love the experience of getting their makeup done and being catered -to. Chez Josephine made the girls feel extra special this year by making them their own special lattes and drinks of their choice, and we were served a wonderful French cuisine dinner at the end of the show.


New York is such a fun and inspiring place that I love to go back to as much as possible. Our next fashion show will probably be the next time Foxy's visits. If you live in the New York area and are a model, gymnast, dancer, or just love leotards, please contact us about modeling opportunities. Keep up-to-date with us on Instagram @foxysleotards, and join our email list by subscribing to us on our website. 

Hope you enjoy our video of some behind-the-scenes of our fashion show at Chez Josephine, NYFW 2024. 

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