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How Our First Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week Came to Be

It started with a message from one of my east coast photographers, “Want to come to a get-together in New York to meet some of your local models out here during New York Fashion Week?” Me, “Um, yes, but why just a get together? Why not have a fashion show, too!”...... I was only partially kidding, but as I said it, I knew it would quickly become a reality.... Foxy’s Leotards has been putting out the most unique and original designs for leotards since the 1980s when my mother started our company, and at the time it was even called Foxy's Fitness Fashions. So why not bring our leotard fashions to the runways of  New York? There was an even bigger challenge though than...

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Fashion Show Evolution || Foxy's Leotards Becomes First Gymnastics Leotard Company to Walk the Runway!

In 2020, Foxy's Leotards becomes the first leotard company to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW)! In just a few weeks, 25 of our ambassadors will be flying into New York City to attend this exciting event, plus 30 of our local New York models will also come to take part. Come watch our fashion show, and then stay for the after party and celebrate gymnastics, dance, empowerment, community, fashion, leotards, and more! Space is limited so buy your tickets today! Planning this NYFW event with Natasha Tysick has been one of the funnest things I've ever done. We've been working extensively to make this the best first fashion show we've ever thrown. We can not wait to meet you all there. Stay tuned...

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Stella Takes On New York City

Stella won our latest contest to shoot with one of our photographers, Nathan Blaney, in New York City! Her and her family flew to New York to shoot with Nathan to feature on our website. Stella and her family have been Foxy's activists for some time now and we just love and appreciate them so much. We couldn't think of a more positive and happy gymnast and role model to represent us in the big city!!! Thank you so much, Stella and fam, for being such a fun and inspiring family! We've asked Stella 9 questions about her time and New York and what is was like to shoot with Nathan Blaney, who's shot for company's like  Mischka Aoki and Chance Loves...

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