How Our First Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week Came to Be

It started with a message from one of my east coast photographers, “Want to come to a get-together in New York to meet some of your local models out here during New York Fashion Week?” Me, “Um, yes, but why just a get together? Why not have a fashion show, too!”...... I was only partially kidding, but as I said it, I knew it would quickly become a reality.... Foxy’s Leotards has been putting out the most unique and original designs for leotards since the 1980s when my mother started our company, and at the time it was even called Foxy's Fitness Fashions. So why not bring our leotard fashions to the runways of  New York?

Foxy’s Leotards

There was an even bigger challenge though than throwing a fashion show, something I knew absolutely nothing about. There was only 6 weeks to plan this fashion show! Most people have at least 6 months to plan something like this!! I was determined though, and when I reached out to our Foxy ambassadors to see if they would fly out for this event over half of them said yes and jumped in right away! I couldn’t believe it!! Foxy’s literally has the BEST AMBASSADORS everrr!!!! Foxy’s ambassadors in New York City

I called my friend Natasha to tell her the idea and she jumped in right away, too!! We spent hours, and by hours, I mean every waking minute planning this event until just moments before it started. Did it turn out perfectly? Well- I wouldn’t ask us all backstage if it went perfect, haha, but yes, it was totally perfect in its own special way! The models felt empowered and had so much fun walking the runway and meeting each other. We learned lots about fashion shows and feel very fueled and inspired for what’s to come in the future. Chelsea Werner and her film crew even made it out to walk the runway and meet everybody! (We have the special privilege of meeting up with Chelsea again this Saturday in San Jose, California to do a photoshoot with her in our new Tokyo Collection.) It fashion show was such a special night to say the least! 

Nyfw 2020 Foxy’s Leotards takes the Runway!

This fashion show would not have been possible without all of the efforts from the ambassadors who travelled out with their families. Also the photographers and film crews, the DJ and the sponsors, our production team and office team back in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Natasha Tysick who helped me complete our new Tokyo 2020 Collection and Solid Gold Collection and for being there helping every step of the way, to my daughter Izzy for bearing with me and supporting me, and to so many others for believing in the idea and helping bring it to fruition! New York- we love you and your energy!!

Jill Fox & Natasha Tysick

Foxy family

Putting together Foxy’s first fashion was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done in my life. The coolest part about it was getting to meet all of our Insta-friends. Natasha and I met on Instagram around 3 years ago and became insta-friends. We had never met in person until this trip to New York, just 2 days before the event! How amazing is that?! Human interaction and connection is one of the most important things in life. Human connection is getting altered electronically, and perhaps even lost altogether for some... This was one of those AMAZING experiences to meet face to face with so many people that I interact with daily on my cell phone. These connections will last a life time and forever change me!

There will definitely be more Foxy's events like this to come. We would LOVE the opportunity to meet you in person! Hoping for a "get-together" at our shop in Grand Rapids this July. Who knows what that could turn out to be, haha! Comment below if you would travel out to Michigan to tour our shop this summer and to celebrate the Olympics with us!


Stay tuned for lots more pics and footage of our fashion show in New York to come!.. 📸👠💯🦊🤸‍♂️💥✨


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  • Isabella Clark

    We will definitely come – you know you can always count on us anywhere you go or anything you do! We loved meeting you – you are sweet, cool and so caring!

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    Hi We are from Chesterfield Mi. Are you currently accepting new ambassadors or dance models? My daughter is a dancer please see

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    We would love to see Michigan! We’ve never been there before. Since you are the coolest, we’d love to support you any way we can ♥️

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