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All Love Wins Especially Self-Love

It's the day of love!! We are taught to love our neighbors, but how often did we hear the importance of self-love growing up? It is a true privilege to know thyself. As we all know now, even hugs and kisses can be taken away, but something that can't be taken away from us is true love and gratitude for our Selfs! Show yourself some much appreciation today, and everyday. Celebrate the simple fact that you are given a heart and breath, the gift of life! Happy Love to ALL!!!! YOU mostly!! Yes, YOU!!

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Don't Forget Self-Love this Valentine's Day!!

“The minute I heard my first love story,I started looking for you, not knowinghow blind that was.Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.They’re in each other all along.”-Rumi Valentines Day, and everyday, is a time to celebrate love. Love of ALL kinds, big and tall, near and far, friendships and soulmates. This is a time to reflect and show a gesture to the ones we love. This Valentines don't forget yourself, too. It doesn't have to be an extravagant weekend away at the spa to show yourself some self-love. It can just take few moments or minutes to connect to your inner peace and love.  "Everything you need to be great is already inside you." -Rumi   Choose 1 or ALL of these ways to treat...

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