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50-min. Beginner's Yoga Flow for Calm & Renewal w/ Jill Fox

A little yoga class for you…  I could sit here and write about the benefits of yoga until I'm blue in the face, but that would do no good. Yoga is much like tasting a food, or witnessing a sunset, or hearing a song…. you just have to try it for youSELF. I'm posting this in hopes it brings someone some calm and renewal.Hope to post more yoga videos for you, soon. Om Namah Shivaya, with extra love, Jill Fox 🙏

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Strength & Surrender

When I practice yoga, I can hear my gymnastics coach's voice in my head saying, "push a little bit more, you got this." I can also hear my yoga teacher in between my poses saying, "relax so much that you feel as if you have fainted." Finding this balance is utmost important not only on the mat, but also in life.  If I had 2 words for the year 2020, they would be strength and surrender…. I've been thinking of these words a lot lately and needing both of their qualities to get through these tough times. Just like with anything in life we need an equal balance to create harmony and peace. Too much of one will create imbalance and...

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10-Day Quarantine Meditation Challenge (Earn Online Foxy Credit)

"What one heals in themselves they heal in the world" As everything shuts down due to the Coronavirus, we all are experiencing a very challenging time. In some ways we are busier with the kids home from school and sports, but in other ways we have a lot more down-time since a lot of us are not working   If you’re anything like me you are feeling anxious from the unknown and tired from the stress. It’s more important now then ever to check in with ourselves each day. It’s vital to not let the mind spiral out of control. We must stay energized and woke so we can be prepared for everyday changes and challenges.  Meditation is simply a...

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