Happy Mother's Day

I interviewed my mother, Sue Winchester, founder of Foxy's Leotards, for Mother's Day. She's been a true role model for me all of my life. Her work ethic, drive, and courage has been such a great example not only for me, but for all who know her. Read below for a peek into how she starts Foxy's Leotards. 


1. When and why did you start Foxy's Leotards?
I started making Jill and Samantha's leotards because there was nothing but plain colored leotards out in the stores. So I started painting on the leotards, and putting some jewels in the paint. Then other parents started to ask me to make their daughter's leotards. I started the business in our home in 1985.
2. Did you ever dream you would be a business owner? I NEVER thought I would be a business owner. This was just for fun. 
3. Tell us about your Foxy's Leotards journey?

It has been quite a ride. It has allowed me to have my own schedule, which was 24/7, haha, and to be able to support all 3 of my children. I've been able to teach my children sewing skills and about business. I was able to be independent. 

4. What inspired you to start your daughter's in gymnastics? 
Samantha, my oldest daughter, saw a girl at an Elementary school talent show and asked me if she could go to gymnastics. So we found out where the girl went and I enrolled Samantha and Jill. Both of them started competing the following year. 
5. What skills do you believe gymnastics instilled in your daughters?
Persistence to succeed in life and in business. Dedication. It taught them be what they want and are not afraid to go for it. Kindness and being there for whoever needs them. In gymnastics you have to be strong minded, too, and this has helped both of the girls. 
6. What was your favorite thing about being a gym mom?
Seeing my daughters engaging themselves and being proud of their success. Traveling and being part of a community. I also have life long friends out of the deal!
7. If you could tell gym mom's today anything what would it be? 
As competitive as the sport gets remember it is all supposed to just be fun. And remind your daughters that, too. There is lots to learn in gymnastics so be patient and just enjoy the ride. 
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