Care Instructions

To care for your Foxy’s garment, it is very important to follow the washing instructions. Due to extensive testing Foxy’s will not be responsible for replacing leotards that are not washed according to these directions.

  • Do NOT use Woolite, fabric softener, or Oxyclean.
  • Do NOT use bleach of any kind.
  • Do NOT place in dryer.

Washing Instructions For Metallic, Foil, Hologram and Mystique Leotards:

  1. Hand wash in a full sink of cold water.
  2. Use 1/4 Cup table salt in the cold water to keep colors from running.
  3. Do NOT rub fabric together and do NOT soak.
  4. Remove leotard immediately and hang to dry.Areas that incur abrasion may show some loss of foil, glitter and/or hologram. Areas that are exposed to perspiration may cause these fabrics to fade or lose foil, glitter and/or hologram. These are industry wide problems and in no way should reflect on Foxy’s. Foxy’s will not be responsible for replacing garments due to these issues.

Washing Instructions For All Other Fabrics:

  1. Turn leotard inside out.
  2. Hand wash separately in cold water and mild detergent (that does not contain bleach or fabric softener.
  3. Do NOT use fabric softener.
  4. Hang to dry.


Happy Washing!!