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Shining Your Light in 2021

An athlete performs the same drills, skills, and routines everyday for hours a day, and this implants a memory into their muscles and memory that becomes part of their very strong subconscious mind. That is why Simone Biles can perform a routine so perfectly over and over again. The way an athlete evolves and learns new skill and routines is to tap into their conscious mind...

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Chelsea Werner Knows No Barriers

It has been a fun-filled, action-packed week for Foxy's Leotards! We have had the honor of spending a couple of days this week with Chelsea Werner, at our New York fashion show for Fashion Week, and in California with our photoshoot with Hardlight Photography. We can not say enough about her amazing spirit, and are blown away by her positivity and kindness.  Chelsea knows no barriers. At 8 years old she started gymnastics, after bring told she would not have much muscle ability and ended up a 2X World Champion gymnast! Her gymnastics role models are Aly Raisman and Simone Biles. She also recently met Laurie Hernandez and Kate Osaki and loves them, too. Today at 28 years old, Chelsea is still training 3 4-hour-days per week. There is...

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5 Tips to Calm Your Nerves During a Gymnastics Competition

As I write this, I’m sitting at our Foxy’s booth at the Grand Rapids Gymnastics on the Grand gymnastics meet at the Devos Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is their 10th year anniversary hosting this meet. I’m going on my 35th anniversary of attending gymnastics meets. To be honest, not much has changed... The sights and sounds of gymnasts walking around with matching warm-ups, the clinging of their medals, the crowds of parents and grandparents cheering on their gymnasts, the floor music playing over and over, sometimes enough to drive you mad. It even smells the same. You never forget the smell of musty chalk and sweat. Competing has taught me so much. It wasn’t the wins or times I...

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