Living Life in a Leotard

Back to school, already? Who else does their homework in Foxy's Leotards?  Leotards really are like second skin for gymnasts and dancers. As a young gymnast I remember living in a leotard. I carpooled from Grand Rapids to Lansing, around a 1.5 hour drive each way, to practice at the best gym in Michigan. I was at a crossroad during this time to either train here or move to Texas to train with Bela Karolyi. Leaving my family at such a young age was such a huge commitment that I decided to try the "local" gym in my area first to see how I liked it. Long car rides it was! 

Being in a car for 3 hours per day, on top of training 5 hours per day, not to mention the 4 hours of school I also squeezed in each day, there was not a lot of time to change. I remember even wearing my leotard somedays under my clothes to school, sleeping in my leotard, and of course, eating dinner and doing homework on my long car ride home from the gym in my leotard. You can say I would eat, breathe, and sleep in my leotard. 

Luckily my mother was the leotard maker, so I had new fun and fashionable leotards almost every week. Moms leotards were the most comfortable leotards for me to be able to basically live in my leotards. Today, Foxy's Leotards are still the most comfortable and fashionable leotards that gymnasts and dancers around the world are still living in! 


Foxy's thrives on coming up with the most amazing prints. Our themed leotards are the most popular. leotards. Foxy's Leotards are great for dressing up for any occasion, but the next holiday coming up is Halloween, and some of our hottest and creative prints have been our halloween-themed leotards. Look for Foxy's Halloween print leotards coming soon!

Foxy's Leotards is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and offers consignment leotards, wholesale leotards, custom leotards, officially licensed college leotards, gymnastics leotards, dance leotards, doll leotards, themed-leotards, unitards, gym shorts, and more. If you have a pro-shop, boutique, or website and would like to offer Foxy's Leotards, reach out today!

Contact or 616.949.1847.


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