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Rosie's Legend Lives On

Today it really hit me that we really are living in quite similar times to the 1940s, when Rosie the Riveter took action in times of need. These times are interesting- to say the least. With no warning, no understanding, and no control, we were all forced into our homes to stop a fatal virus from spreading. Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus, and everything has changed and will be changed forever changed from here on, even if only our perceptions. The new "normal" will never be the same again. In some was this may be a good thing. In this "down" time people have had a chance to slow down and realize what is really important to them. Although...

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20 Ideas to Keep You Sane While in Quarantine

This quarantine is no joke! Depending on what state you are in determines how long you've been in quarantine so far. Most of us are around 1-2 weeks as of today. There's not one person not affected by this mess. Kids are becoming depressed because they are used to being social with friends at school all day. Adults are becoming stressed because they are feeling lost, afraid, and confused. It's so important that we do our best to remain focused, faithful, and strong, for ourselves and for our children. Sure many and most things have been ripped away from us, necessities like: work, food, security…but some of the most important things like family and time has been given to us. The key...

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10-Day Quarantine Meditation Challenge (Earn Online Foxy Credit)

"What one heals in themselves they heal in the world" As everything shuts down due to the Coronavirus, we all are experiencing a very challenging time. In some ways we are busier with the kids home from school and sports, but in other ways we have a lot more down-time since a lot of us are not working   If you’re anything like me you are feeling anxious from the unknown and tired from the stress. It’s more important now then ever to check in with ourselves each day. It’s vital to not let the mind spiral out of control. We must stay energized and woke so we can be prepared for everyday changes and challenges.  Meditation is simply a...

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