Yoga for Gymnasts Book by Jill Fox

Yoga for Gymnasts Book by Jill Fox

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The book Yoga for Gymnasts is intended to help you learn the basics about yoga. Even just touching on the basics can help your life and sport profoundly. This book is jam packed with useful information and clearly outlined, so it easy to follow and learn yoga. You will learn to build your own home practice that will enhance your daily life, whether you are a gymnast or not. There is something in this book for every age! You will love learning the fun poses and names. Yoga is a practice to help ground and connect yourself to your authentic self and learn to access your inner potential.   The practice uses only your mind, body, and breath to heal mind, body and soul, so you need absolutely nothing but yourself. This is only one of the million amazing reasons to practice yoga. The results and convenience are where it's at!

Whether you are a gymnast, or the parent or coach of one, you will benefit from this book. It is for most ages, but geared more towards a teen audience. If you are new to yoga this book covers all the basics. There is an endless amount to learn about yoga. After reading the first few chapters you will be familiar with the basics, and after practicing the poses in the next chapter you will be able to design a practice unique to you. The last half of the book covers diet, mind-set, well-being, yoga for injuries, and there is even a chapter for coaches.

Jill began practicing yoga consistently in her 20s after growing up a competitive gymnast for over 10 years. At first, she began the practice to help maintain the strength and flexibility from gymnastics, but what she discovered was so much more…. Jill now lives in California where she coaches gymnastics and works for her family business, Foxy's Leotards.

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