20 Ideas to Keep You Sane While in Quarantine

This quarantine is no joke! Depending on what state you are in determines how long you've been in quarantine so far. Most of us are around 1-2 weeks as of today. There's not one person not affected by this mess. Kids are becoming depressed because they are used to being social with friends at school all day. Adults are becoming stressed because they are feeling lost, afraid, and confused. It's so important that we do our best to remain focused, faithful, and strong, for ourselves and for our children.

Sure many and most things have been ripped away from us, necessities like: work, food, security…but some of the most important things like family and time has been given to us. The key is to fill this time with those things we've been putting on the back burner and not filling the time with worrying or stressing. Take this precious time as an opportunity. Below is a list you can come to when you feel lost, depressed, tired, or confused. Choose happiness and life by choosing an idea below:

1. Create A Vision Board- Use old magazines or images online to create a college that's inspiring and pleasing to you.

2. Cook or Bake- Find a recipe you've been wanting to make. You know you have the ingredients now. The grocery store shelves are empty! I just made cinnamon rolls for the first time ever! Next, I'm going to try to to make bagels. (I bought a lot of flour and yeast, lol).

3. Yoga/Meditation- Practice yoga and meditation to stay healthy and young. There are many free options on Youtube. Here's a 5-minute meditation for you: 

4. Read a Book- I picked up a copy of Only Love is Real A Story of Soulmates Reunited by Brian Weiss, M.D. on Amazon. A couple other great books are The Four Agreements, and Way of the Peaceful Warrior You can find these all on Audible as well. (Perhaps start a virtual Book Club….)

5. Go for a Walk- Go outside for a walk. Even if it's only for 15-minutes, you will be soooo glad you did! 

6. Clean/Organize Your Home- If you don't have it pick up a copy of the book: The Art of Tidying Up. It's a super short read, I read it in 1 day. The simple yet profound tips in this book are so simple and useful. Now that I think about it I think I'll reread it before I finish my Spring cleaning!

7. Puzzles- if you don't have a kitten like me, lol, get that puzzle out. Or grab a crossword puzzle. Great for the brain!

8. Organize Family Game Night/Talent Show- Pull out a couple favorite board games, pop some popcorn, put on some tunes, and play some good ole' old-fashion board games, plays charades, or have a Talent Show with the family. If you have no one to play with the game of Solitaire or Bathtub Gin will do the trick!

9. Learn a Language- Duo-Lingo is a great free online app to help you start to learn a new language. Or pick up an instrument you may have laying around the home. Music is also a language, and very therapeutic!

10. Dance- Just turn on the music and freestyle!

11. Start a Journal- If you haven't already for 2000, start a journal. There are many websites that give you prompts for journal entries. Or just write your thoughts down for the day, your wishes, goals, dreams, feelings, or even just what you did for the day. Writing helps you to focus your mind and is good for the soul!

12. At-Home-Spa- bath, music, candles, essential oils, mani/pedi, mantras, hair treatments/scalp massages, need I say more!

13. Study Something Interesting- Pick something you've always wanted to learn more about and research it with the gift of Google. Today the world is at your fingertips!

14. Arts & Crafts- coloring, clay, painting, drawing, collages, oh My!

15. Support Someone- See if there's anything locally you can do to help support somebody. Can you weed your neighbors garden, take a neighbors dog for a walk, leave a nice note in a friends mailbox….

16. Exercise Challenges- The video below is a challenge I'm doing myself a couple times each day: Pike hold 3 times (The first one 1-second, 2nd one 2-seconds, and 3rd one 3-seconds). Then another 3-sets, but this time swing back into plank and jump back through to a pike. 

17. Eating Challenges- There are so many new eating trends out there today. Try going vegetarian or vegan for one day a week if you're not already. Try intermittent fasting. Try adding a smoothie full of fruits and veggies to your diet everyday. Learn about Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle.

18. Call a Friend or Family Member- We are all guilty of not picking up the phone enough and staying in touch. Who would love a phone call from you?

19. Start Your Garden- It's almost time for warmer weather and sunshine! Start planting your seeds!

20. Nothing- Nothing. It is ok to just be still…. 


I hope this list helps to inspire or motivate you! Comment below other ways you are filling up this time. Sending you all safe healthy healing vibes and thank you for being here. We will get through this together!!!

Namaste XO, Jill


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