The Story of the Donut Leotard...

Have you ever wondered why you started seeing images of food on your leotards?! Well here is the fun story of how food leotards, and all of Foxy's Leotards other fun theme print leotards, came into fruition:

For my daughter, Izabel Fox's 13th birthday, in 2014, I took her on a trip to New York. It was a dream vacation! We spent 5 nights there and crammed as much in as tourists possibly could. From the Statue of Liberty, seeing Gigi on Broadway, walking the High Line, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, shopping in Greenwich Village, art museums, Central Park, Grand Central Station, and more. We did it all! 

One day, while we were walking back to our hotel from the High Line, we ran right into the Garment District. Score! We stopped into some of the cool textile shops to look around. I told Izzy to help me pick out some cool leotard prints to use for Foxy's Leotards. She was attending middle school at this time in California, so she was very keen on what the latest trends were.

When she started choosing fabrics with things like donuts and sushi, I was like, oh boy, I can't tell her "no" now. I tried to veer her in a different direction by telling her "most gymnasts are not even allowed to eat things like donuts, and who wants to wear sushi?!" But Izabel insisted that this is what all the kids were wearing nowadays. I trusted her choices in the end because she has always had a knack for fashion, and also, how could I let her down on her 13th birthday? 

Lo and behold, our donut leotard has been our #1 top-seller for the past 5 years straight, we've had multiple prints for sushi because it's been such a hot seller, and now you will find things like narwhals and space cats on pizza on our leotards! Izabel has taught Foxy's Leotards, and many others, to see fabric for fun leotards for girls in a whole new way. Now, you see all of the other brands catching on and following suit, too, all because of my little fashionista, Izzy Fox! 

We went back to New York again this year for Izzy's 18th birthday. It holds a very special place in our hearts. Who knows what she will come up with next… Keep an eye on this amazing girl!! Who knows, you might find Izzy someday working in New York as the next top model or fashion designer!

Izabel's 12th birthday trip to New York(Izabel's 12th Birthday trip to New York)
          Izabel's 18th birthday trip to New York (Izabel's 18th Birthday trip to New York)


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