Stella Takes On New York City

Stella won our latest contest to shoot with one of our photographers, Nathan Blaney, in New York City! Her and her family flew to New York to shoot with Nathan to feature on our website. Stella and her family have been Foxy's activists for some time now and we just love and appreciate them so much. We couldn't think of a more positive and happy gymnast and role model to represent us in the big city!!! Thank you so much, Stella and fam, for being such a fun and inspiring family!

We've asked Stella 9 questions about her time and New York and what is was like to shoot with Nathan Blaney, who's shot for company's like  Mischka Aoki and Chance Loves Swimwear, and influencers such as Matter Conforti who played Matilda and young Anna in Frozen, and Chloe Lang who played Stephanie on LazyTown. Read below to see how Stella took on New York!


1. What was your favorite thing about New York?

My favorite thing about New York was when I went to the Statue of Liberty because I got to go on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty close up.

When we got on the ferry it was amazing to pass by the Statue of Liberty and see it right in front of me!

statue of liberty in foxy's USA leotard in new york   

2. Did you think it was easy or hard to get around on the subway and was that your only means of transportation while in NY?

I think it was a little hard when we took the subway because there was a lot of different trains, like the E train or the C train.

We also walked, took the ferry, a few buses and cabs as other transportation.

riding on the new york subway doing splits in foxy's leotards for gymnastics

3. What was your favorite thing you ate in New York?

My favorite thing I ate was a big Nutella filled donut from Angelina’s bakery!

 eating in new york city

4. What part of town or attraction was most memorable to you? 

The most memorable part of town for me was Times Square because at night the lights are so bright that it looks like day!

Another thing I like about Times Square is that they have a lot of stores to shop from. My favorite was the Hershey store!

 Time Square with Stella and Foxy's Leotards   Time Square New York City

5. Would you ever live in New York City? Why or why not?

I would probably never live in New York City because I would miss my friends so much and my grandma. I would also miss my gym a lot.

I do want visit as much as I can!

New York City   New York City 

6. Tell us about your experience at your photoshoot with Nathan Blaney?

My experience with Blaney Photo was fun but also I was a little nervous.

I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.

After the first picture I wasn’t nervous because it was fun to think of new poses and wear new leotards.

Mr. Blaney was very nice to me and gave me scrunchies. He also has 5 cats!

 gymnastics leotards photoshoot

gymnastics leotards photoshoot

photoshoot images

7. How long have you been in gymnastics? And do you or have you done other sports?

I have been in gymnastics for over four years now.

I also did soccer when I was four but after a while I got scared and only did one season.

I’ve been going to the track and walking with my mom since I was three.


8. Imagine what your life will look like in 10 years...

In ten years I will be 21 years old! I also would be in college and I would want to coach recreational gymnastics kids.

Another thing is that I will be able to drive.

 gymnast backbending in Foxy's Leotards for gymnastics and dance

9. If you could travel anywhere else in the world where would you visit and why?

If I could travel anywhere I would go to Florida because I want to visit the beach and take pictures in my leotards.

I do have a meet in Florida in February but I am not sure if we can go to the beach then.

traveling on an airplane


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