Fashion Show Evolution || Foxy's Leotards Becomes First Gymnastics Leotard Company to Walk the Runway!

Foxy's Leotards Hit the Runway at New York Fashion Week

In 2020, Foxy's Leotards becomes the first leotard company to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW)! In just a few weeks, 25 of our ambassadors will be flying into New York City to attend this exciting event, plus 30 of our local New York models will also come to take part. Come watch our fashion show, and then stay for the after party and celebrate gymnastics, dance, empowerment, community, fashion, leotards, and more! Space is limited so buy your tickets today!

Planning this NYFW event with Natasha Tysick has been one of the funnest things I've ever done. We've been working extensively to make this the best first fashion show we've ever thrown. We can not wait to meet you all there. Stay tuned for lots of photos and video of this much anticipated event!!!

Foxy's Leotards takes the runway at New York Fashion Week

Fri., Feb. 7th, from 6pm-6:30pm near the garment district in NYC 

 If you are interested in sponsoring, or for more information: email 



Fashion Show Evolution:

Through this process I began to wonder more about the evolution of fashion shows. Here's what I discovered:

-1800s- "Father of haute couture", Parisian-based designer Charles Frederick Worth, introduced the idea of using live models to showcase to the wealthy their designs. In these days the very wealthy were the only people who had access to designer clothing. Lucky for us- today we have consignment shops!

-Early 1900s- American department stores launched fashion shows, which was a huge reason for the growth of American consumerism. Photographers were not allowed to attend shows back in the day, to prevent designs from being stolen. Buyers would therefore sketch the designs.

-1943- Up until that time, U.S. designers and editors relied mainly on Parisian culture for their inspiration. When U.S. journalists couldn’t travel to Paris Fashion Week during World War II, the era of the American designer began, and NYFW was born!

-The 60s and 70s- The traditional fashion show format completely revolutionized  with the rise of ready-to-wear style and fashion during the easy-going, fun-loving sixties. The catwalk became the new medium for designers’ collections.

-1980s- Fashion shows had become so hugely popular, and models like Cindy Crawford began to steal the publics hearts, and it began to make modeling mainstream.

-1990s- Kate Moss, Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, enough said….

-2001- Carrie Bradshaw got labeled "fashion roadkill", and the term “catwalk” blew up. 

-2000s- Technology has had the biggest impact on the evolution of the fashion show. Now fashions shows are at our finger tips, on Youtube, tv, live-streamed….and the affects can be compared to going to a live concert!

-2020- Foxy's Leotards becomes the first leotard company to take the runway at New York Fashion Week!!! 

evolution of the fashion show

 evolution of fashion shows

fashion show evolution





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