The Many Styles of Gymnastics Leotards from Foxy's Leotards

Foxy's Leotards offers a leotard for every personality!

gymnastics leotards dance leotards

Every athlete needs to be able to express them selves a little differently…whether it be through subtle or loud expression. Foxy's understands that no gymnast or dancer is alike, and that is what makes the sports so beautiful. Like a snowflake, we are all wonderfully and uniquely different. Foxy's Leotards help to suit gymnasts and dancers perfectly to help you express your own unique self!

Not only do our leotards have the coolest prints, from narwhals to donuts, but our gymnastics leotards and dance leotards fit like a glove. You will feel  comfortable, and empowered as you take on the gym or studio. You will move in groove confidently as you embody and express your true authentic self with Foxy's Leotards! 


food print leotards

Food Print Leotards-

Foxy's offers the coolest leotards with food prints. We have anything from sushi leotards, donut leotards, candy leotards, cupcake leotards, pineapple leotards, hamburger leotards, avocado leotards, and more. 

animal print leotards

 Animal Print Leotards- 

Animals are the best and Foxy's offers animals on your leotards from everything from dog leotards, cat leotards flying in space, bee leotards, to dolphin leotards.  

red white and blue leotards for less

 Red, White, and Blue Leotards-

We know that team work makes the dream work. Foxy's red, white, and blue leotards are inspired by the USA gymnastics teams. Show your team spirit in our future Olympian inspired leotards that are red white and blue. 

officially licensed college gymnastics leotards

Officially Licensed College Leotards-

Foxy's Leotards offers 13 officially licensed college team leotards: Alabama, Arizona State, Florida Gators, Georgia Gymdogs, Illinois, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Utah, and UCLA. We are adding to our collection so keep an eye out for your favorite school!

solid leotards

Solid Colored Leotards-

What's your favorite color? We offer solid gymnastics and dance leotards in most colors of the rainbow. Solid black leotards, pink leotards, purple leotards, green leotards, turquoise leotards, and more. Pair with our solid gym shorts or printed gym shorts

ultra soft gymnastics and dance leotards

ULTRA SOFT Leotards-

Foxy's ultra soft leotards are exactly as they sound. They are ULTRA soft!! Try for yourself to see why our ultra soft leotards are every gymnasts and dancers favorite leotards. The most comfortable leotards for gymnastics and dance. 

holiday theme leotards christmas leotards

Holiday Leotards-

Holidays are the best, especially when you can celebrate them with leotards, and that we do! Christmas leotards, New Year's leotards, Valentine leotards, Easter leotards, 4th of July leotards, halloween leotards, and more. Foxy's has got you literally covered!

And More Unique and Fun Prints-

Palm print leotards, suns moons and stars leotards, princess leotards, cloud leotards, wave leotards, striped leotards, polka dot leotards, and many other fun and unique designed leotards you will find at Foxy's Leotards. We offer the most variety and style. See for yourself why our leotards are a favorite to dancers and gymnasts around the world!


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