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Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor in a Nutshell

There are 4 events in girls competitive gymnastics. In the Olympic order they go: vault, bars, beam, and floor. Each event is equally important to an all-around competitive gymnast. It is rare that a gymnast is equally as strong on each event. For instance, a more powerful gymnast will more than likely excel on vault and floor since they involved more endurance, speed, and power. A more graceful gymnast will usually excel more in bars and beam. These events take more skill and focus.  Here is a brief examination on each gymnastics event…. VAULT: Vault consist of a running strip usually 243 yards or so. The running strip is a foam underlay with a carpet overtop. The gymnast starts at...

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Get into the Halloween Spirit

Madeline Hauck (7 years old) and Ella Hauck (8 years old) chose to go to a Halloween store to do their Foxy's photoshoot because it was 100 degress outside in Yuma Arizona! Can you say "Air-Conditioning, Please!!!" They said they definitely got more into the Fall/Halloween spirit and say Foxy Leotards always inspires them to do new and fun things!        Ella also said, “I loved taking pictures at the Halloween store because it was fun and scary too!” Madeline said, “I felt a little nervous doing the photos at the Halloween store but my leo made me feel brave.”               “We were being so silly with all the costumes and decorations!” Ella “I wanted...

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