College Gymnastics for Inspiring Athletes

Many of you will go on to college gymnastics after you graduate high school. Club gymnastics, and in some cases maybe even high school gymnastics, may lead to the very high-energy, enthusiastic, sportsmanship on another level, world of college gymnastics. If you've been to a college gymnastics competition you will know what we mean by high-energy! 

There are so many amazing college teams and college gymnasts out there. Some of our favorite schools are the 10 teams we carry in our College CollectionThis number is growing, so be sure to be on the look out for more colleges in the near future. 

1. Florida Gators                           

2. Utah

3. LSU

4. Alabama

5. Illinois                                     

6. Oklahoma

7. U of M

8. Ohio State

9. Arizona State

10. MSU

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  Whatever level you aspire to go to in gymnastics, or in life, remember that the most important thing is to have fun in life and to be yourself. Be patient with yourself and honor your path. Try to never compare yourself with others. You are wonderfully different and hold many unique gifts of your own. Try your hardest in all you do, be kind to everyone, and love yourself fully. To understand these things is better than any knowledge you could learn from any school. 


Comment below your favorite college gymnastics team or gymnast!

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