DREAM BIG in 2020!

dream big in 2020
Happy New Year!!!! Is it really 2020?! It all seems so surreal, doesn't it? If you were born in the 70's like me, 2020 seemed like light years away. Robots, virtual assistants, hoover boards… it's all here! All you need to do is say, "Alexa, what is 3,999 times a billion?" The answer…. well, I don't know, but Alexa does, and she will tell you that instance!
All of this happened because of the people who had BIG dreams!!! Everything starts with a dream, an idea, a question of "what's possible", followed by a hardworking plan to support these dreams. So set your dreams big from here on knowing that they are all possible. The trick is to keep your eye on the dream, and not let the trials of the world stop you. The trials are there to keep you in check, not to hold you back. Try to change your mind set when it comes to these guaranteed trials. Know they are here to support you, too. 
Foxy's has a HUGE dream that is coming to fruition: We are throwing the first leotard fashion show at New York Fashion Week in 2020, in the garment district of New York!!! We could not be more excited. Stay tuned for more info and footage on the BIG event! 
Below is a ritual you can practice to help fulfill your dreams in 2020:

setting intentions into 2020 dream big

(BTW, If you've not read the book in the photo above, Autobiography of a Yogi, you must!!)
Things you'll need- paper, pencil, any favorite/inspiring items
1. Find a quiet space for you to sit, whether it's a blanket on the floor, or a spot at your kitchen table. 
2. Choose a couple things from around your home that inspire you. It can be anything- a photograph, a crystal or shell, stuffed animal, or a favorite book. 
3. Sit in this quiet space for at least 5 minutes and let your mind completely empty. You want to empty our mind so that it gives space for your heart to speak. Just focus completely on your breathing to quiet the mind. 
4. Next, take out your paper and pencil and write down your 3 goals for 2020:
  • Your small term goal (by springtime)  
  • Your mid term goal (by end of summer)
  • Your long term goal (be end of the year)

5. Keep this piece of paper somewhere where you can see it or get to it often. At least once a week come to this quiet space and follow the steps above to help remind yourself and hold yourself accountable to these goals. 

dream big in 2020 

What else can we all accomplish together in the future ahead? What can the world look like in 2030, or in 3000??!! Together we can make the world even more amazing then it already is. Everything each us does, whether on a day to day or year to year term, matters so much to the welfare of our future. Plant good seeds for the future world. It IS relying on YOU!  


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