The Importance of Meditation for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Sit in stillness and listen to what your heart prays.
~ Ruth Jewell

It's that time of year again, when everything is at such at fast-pace that everything almost seems to be in slow-motion… The holidays are a wild time full of parties, gatherings, obligations, etc. It is also the time when we wrap up the end of the year deadlines, and we feel the pressure of preparing for the new year. I don't know about you but my brain feels full to the max this time of year. Because I love the holidays and this time of year so much, I want to be sure to enjoy them, so I am writing this little remind for myself, and to anyone else who may need it to remember the importance of meditation.

Sitting in stillness and silence for at least 5-minutes a day has such a profound impact on the quality of our daily life. It is in this space that we give ourselves relief from the daily tasks. It is in this space that we are reminded of our true nature, our inner-voice, our inner-compass, and it is from this space that we can make clear decisions throughout our task-filled days. It really is as simple as 5-minutes a day…if you don't believe me try it….

Meditating is like a shower for the brain. Just 5-minutes a day in this quiet space can be equivalent to a 45-minute nap. Give your self the gift of peace of mind this holiday season. Follow this easy method and feel the peace. Feel the bit of relief, even if it's just 10% more relief. It is worth every breath! Trust me….Follow the 3 easy steps below:


1. Find a quiet space with no distractions. Turn off your ringer and set an alarm for 5-minutes. (add 10-20 seconds each day is desired). Try to make this the same spot everyday.
2. Sit in a comfortable position- either on a cushion or pillow on the floor, or in a comfortable chair with both feet flat on the floor. Make sure your seat bones are pressing equally into the floor or chair, and that your spine, heart, and head are lifting upward toward the sky.
3. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breathing. Notice if it is shallow or quivery, or whatever quality, just notice. Try to balance out your inhales and exhales so that they become equal length. It may help you to count- 4 counts in and 4 counts out.

Try to keep your focus on your breathing for as long as possible. The mind will wander but the point is to keep training the mind as you would train a puppy, to keep it coming back to your breath, as it wanders off again and again. Give yourself 5-minutes a day because it is in each of our sanity's that we either make or break the world. What we heal in ourselves we heal in the world. We each need to do our part. Make this a new goal going into 2020 and watch your world change for the better!

Here is a 5-minute meditation I made to to help you! 

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