It’s a VSCO Girl World

VSCO Girl leotard for girls scruchies
It’s a VSCO Girl world, and VSCO girls just want to have fun!! 

You've heard of the word VSCO girl by now. She is the girl that carries around her hydro flask, has multiple scrunchies wrapped around her wrists, and ankle, and maybe even in her hair, too. The VSCO Girl is rockin’ all the latest 90s trends- including 90's jeans, and Birkenstocks, too! 
VSCO Girl world
VSCO Girl Song by Round2Crew:
You got some scrunchies on your wrist
Hydroflask on check (check, check)
Put your hair up in a bun
And some shells around your neck (VSCO girl)
'Cause baby you're a VSCO girl
Yeah, you already know it (check, check)
'Cause baby you're a VSCO girl
Yeah, go ahead and show it (show it off, show it off, like)
Honey, I'm going fast
Shake it, go and throw it back
You're a VSCO girl so you deserve the very best
Chapstick with the bees and some bands on your head
Yo pass me that
VSCO girl, yeah you already know (yeah, you already know it)
You got some scrunchies on your wrist
Hydroflask on

VSCO world full of scrunchies
As we move into 2020 the path forward sometimes seems backwards…. If you're human, leaving things in the past may sometimes seem quite hard, sometimes even impossible. But even when we manage to leave those things behind, those things can still somehow find their way back into our hearts. Thank goodness, because what would world be without scrunchies


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