Live Auctions


Foxy's Live Auctions

We come straight to you in your living rooms with the BEST DEALS and MOST FUN!! You won't want to miss Foxy's Live Auctions. Sooo many great deals on leotards and more. Most auctions have some sort of theme, special guests, and new arrivals are revealed on our auctions so you will be the first to be up-to-date on all things Foxy's!

OK! So here's how our auctions works: 
1. Follow @foxysleotards on Instagram and/or Facebook.
2. Set up a Foxy's account on our website if you don't already have an account. This makes for quicker and easier checkout. Just click on the person icon in the top right corner of our website and answer a couple questions to create your account. 
3. Be ready once the live auctions start with Foxy's Instagram Live pulled up on your cellphone, and our website pulled up on a separate cell phone, iPad, or PC. 
4. Tune into our Live Auction by going to (@foxyleotards) on Instagram, or Foxy's Leotards on Facebook, click on our profile picture, and select the 'Live' option. 
5. Once we meet up on Live I will prompt you on how to purchase our great deals!
We offer all sizes from Child 4/5 up to Adult Large. We usually start from smallest to largest.
We turn off shipping during the event in case you place multiple orders but you will notice an additional flat rate shipping charge at the end of the event if you order: 
$5 domestic, $15 Canada, $20 international (in most cases). Unfortunately due to the amazing deal there will be no returns on auction leos, and please don’t use discount codes. Thank you for understanding.  

We will see you there! Great ready for some fun and for some EXTRA SPECIAL DEALS!!!!!
(Email any questions to
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