Sing Christmas Cheer for All to Hear

Christmas leotards by Foxy's Leotards for girls gymnasts and dancers

🤶🤶🤶 With Christmas around the corner... remember the reason for the season.... lots of cookies, parties, and fun!! Lol, just kidding... This is the time of year to forgive and to be thankful for the people near and dear to you. This is the time to reflect on the year before you and set intentions for the year ahead. 

The hustle and bustle of the season can be real though, and leave you feeling exhausted and defeated…with no time to be present in the moment for yourself, for your family, or for friends. And leaving little time to really reflect on the quickly approaching end of year, or to set goals for the year ahead.

It is so important to remember to not take things so seriously. Don't let the burdens get the best of you. Lighten your burden and load by singing! Yes- SINGING! It can do wonders. Sing alone in the shower or in the car, or get your family or teammates in on the instant mood-lifter. 

 gymnastics Christmas jingle

Here are a few fun Christmas gymnastics jingles that can help to lift your Spirits. Sing along to them and share to your IG story. Be sure to tag us so we can see and share, too! Spread your cheer for all to hear!!!


FOXY'S JINGLE (Use Jingle Bells beat...)

Flipping through the Gym

In a Foxy's Leotard,

Over the vault I go

toes pointed all the way, hahaha

I'm next up on the beam

squeezing my body tight

What fun it is to practice and learn

each day and every night, Ohhh...

Rocking my Skills,

Rocking my Skills,

Rocking my Skills all the way,

What fun it is to flip and twist

In Foxy's Leotards 


FOXY'S THE SNOWMAN  (Use Frosty the Snowman beat…)

Foxy's the Gymnast is a 

Jolly Happy Soul

With a leotard and pointed toes

and two eyes focused on gold

Foxy's the Gymnast

Wears her leotard today

She was made to show 

It is what she knows 

And she practices everyday.

There must have been some magic in 

That leotard she found

For when she placed it over her head

She began to flip around.


WHERE ARE YOU FOXY'S  (Use Where are You Christmas beat…)

Where are you Foxy's

Why can't I find you

Why didn't I put you away...

Where is the leo the one you gave me

Why is everything gone array.

I need to be changing

I'm rearranging

Does that mean I need to borrow from you.

Where are you Foxy's

I can't remember

We really need to go….

It's the fun one

Look what I've done

It's my favorite you know...


Now make up your own Christmas gymnastics jingles and be sure to sing your Christmas cheer nice and loud for all to hear!!! And most of all, enjoy this holiday season with your friends and family, and don't forget to give yourself some extra love, too!

(Songs written by Natasha Tysick and Jill Fox)




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