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Get into the Halloween Spirit

Madeline Hauck (7 years old) and Ella Hauck (8 years old) chose to go to a Halloween store to do their Foxy's photoshoot because it was 100 degress outside in Yuma Arizona! Can you say "Air-Conditioning, Please!!!" They said they definitely got more into the Fall/Halloween spirit and say Foxy Leotards always inspires them to do new and fun things!        Ella also said, “I loved taking pictures at the Halloween store because it was fun and scary too!” Madeline said, “I felt a little nervous doing the photos at the Halloween store but my leo made me feel brave.”               “We were being so silly with all the costumes and decorations!” Ella “I wanted...

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Q & A with Cardin Elliot- Foxy's Model and Fabulous Dancer!

Q: What is your favorite candy?  A: My favorite candy is Pixie Sticks!    Q: What is your favorite thing about the beach?  A: My favorite thing about the beach is laying out and playing in the sand!  I am super scared of sharks and jellyfish, so I stay away from the water for the most part!      Q: What is your favorite amusement park ride?   A: I LOVE bungee jumping the most!  My favorite ride is Mystery Mine at Dollywood, but honestly I love them all!  The scarier the better!     Q: How long have you been a dancer and what is your favorite thing about it?  A: I have danced a little over 3 years.  My favorite thing about dance is being...

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Modern Day Rosie

"Being a modern day Rosie isn't just about showing people we can do the same stuff as boys. It's about girls doing amazing things. Rosie's make a path so that it's easier for others to do the same. Like at school, if one girl stands up to a bully it makes it easier for another girl to think- I want to do that too! I don't just want to do this, I want to show other girls they we can all do it, together!" -Addison Probst Our future looks very bright with all of you modern day Rosie the Riveter's out there in the world today! Keep rocking it, girls. Remember, your greatest talents and gifts lie in truly being...

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